The journalist Bashir Fansa decorated with the Syrian Order of Merit by President Husni al-Zaim in 1949

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Bashir Fansa was born in Aleppo in 1917 and studied at its schools. He ventured into journalism at a young age and became managing editor of several political dailies like al-Shabab, Bark al-Shamal, al-Shaab, and al-Itihad. In the mid-1940s he headed the publications department in Aleppo and then returned to Damascus where he became Editor-in-Chief of Alef Bae. Along with his brother Nazir he co-founded a political weekly called, Al-Anbaa. In 1949 he was close to architect of Syria's first coup, General Husni al-Zaim, who was related by marriage to his brother, Nazir Fansa.