Press conference by Damascus International Fair President Khaled Buzzo - al-Hayat, 18 November 1953

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Speaking from Aleppo, Buzzo said that the Arab League was prepared to hold its annual cultural and scientific courses in Damascus, made to coincide with the fair. The International Boy Scouts Association was also studying a proposal to hold its camp in Syria, during the Damascus Fair. The Fair, once affiliated with the Ministry of Economy, has now been placed under jurisdiction of the Presidential Palace, and is being directly supervised by President Adib al-Shishakli. He also said that the following countries had agreed to participate in the first Damascus Fair: USA, USSR, France, Great Britain, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Iraq. Finally, he said that a plan was being discussed to rotate the fair between Damascus and other Syrian cities, namely Aleppo.