US diplomat Charles R. Crane, member of the King-Crane Commission to Syria in 1919

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The King-Crane Commission was an official investigation by the United States government during the summer of 1919 concerning the disposition of non-Turkish areas within the former Ottoman Empire. It was conducted to inform American policy about the region's people and their desired future in regard to the previously decided partitioning of the Ottoman Empire and the League of Nations Mandate System. The commission visited areas of Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Anatolia, surveyed local public opinion, and given that, assessed the best course of action for the region. Charles Richard Crane (1858–1939) was a wealthy American businessman, heir to a large industrial fortune and connoisseur of Arab culture, a noted Arabist. His widespread business interests gave him entree into domestic and international political affairs where he enjoyed privileged access to many influential power brokers at the top levels of government. His special arena of interest was Eastern Europe and the Middle East.